Sunday, November 27, 2011

R4 Oltiveros vs Gravillo


rjsolcruz said...

Out of the 3,292 games in the database of, almost 60% or 2,001 games played Qa5 such as Kasparov vs Anand in World Championship 1995.

973 games played Qd6: Dominguez vs Polgar in World Cup 2011, Ivanchuk vs Tiviakov in Corus 2010, and Gopal vs Dableo in Asian Continental 2010.

285 games played Qd8: Mamedov vs Kusubov in Spice 2009, Naiditsch vs Levin in European Rapid Ch 2010, and Getz vs Djukic in European Ch 2011.

rjsolcruz said...

4.d4 is the main line as played in Tal vs Chandler 1974, Fischer vs Addison 1970 and Ponomariov vs Ilundain 1996.

The 3 GMs that handled the White pieces have all won the World Championship!