Sunday, November 27, 2011

R4 FM Bersamina vs Cobsilen


rjsolcruz said...

The Closed Sicilian was used by Spassky and Adams, but it has never genuinely threatened the Sicilian. Black should fianchetto his K's B and aim to develop queenside play with ... Rb8 and ... b5, after which he'll get his full share of chances.

Collins in Understanding the Chess Openings

rjsolcruz said...

The opening moves up to 4 Nf3 has been played on the top level: Short vs Gelfand 1991, Anand vs Gelfand 1991, Topalov vs Van Wely 1996, Sutovsky vs Gelfand 2000, Fressinet vs Svidler 2000, Tiviakov vs Kasparov 2001, Macieja vs Nakamura 2002.