Wednesday, June 30, 2010

10 Great Ways to Get Better at Chess

Grandmaster Nigel Davies tackles these issues head on. Drawing upon his vast experience as a chess trainer, he examines the methods of a number of players who were looking to improve their chess, and how they went about achieving their goal.

FIFA QF: Espana 1-0 Portugal

Video: Octavos: Espa�a 1-0 Portugal -

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Angpin Cup

2010 ASEAN 12 Under triple-gold medalist and newly crowned National Master Pau Bersamina ruled the Angpin 12 Under Cup with a perfect score of 7 points for a performance of 2257. But this is an expected result considering that Pau has just won the tough National Jrs en route to the coveted National Master title.

The surprise is the creeping in the Top 10 of Rhal Sol Cruz, Jr. who finished with 4.5 points, on 4 wins and 1 draw, for a tie for 8th to 11th place. Rhal is fresh from winning the Battle of MERALCO GMs - Juniors Group where some 30 grade school and high school children of MERALCO employees played last March. He also scored 3.5 points in the 1st MERALCO Juniors to win the Best MERALCO Grade School Player medal last May.

Rk. NameTypsexGrFEDRtgRtgIRtgNBdldPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 Rpnwwew-weKrtg+/-
1PHIBersamina PauloPHI1982198207,00,031,531,502257000,000,00250,0
2phiMaliam Elijahphi1748017486,00,028,524,00185810
3phiMendoza Shania Maephi0005,50,028,020,50165400
4phiSamantila Daryl Unixphi1638016385,00,035,022,00163110
5PHIDonguines John FleerPHI1700017005,00,034,021,00154810
6PHIPangilinan Stephen RomePHI0005,00,029,517,00163510
7PHISan Diego Marie AntoinettePHI1744017445,00,027,016,50135800
8phiCurioso Romulophi0004,50,027,015,25150800
9phiMarce Jasper Geraldphi0004,50,026,013,50152100
10phiSol Cruz Jr Raulphi0004,50,024,512,75150200
11phiMiranda Stephen Matthewphi0004,50,022,512,75143000
12phiFlores Kenethphi0004,00,031,014,50147700
13phiViernes Tucker Howard Elsteinephi0004,00,029,014,50138400
14phiGeraldino Cyreyphi0004,00,029,011,25146510
15phiGonzales Vladimirphi0004,00,027,513,00139000
16phiCaranyagan Carlophi1920019204,00,026,513,75132800
17phiGarcia Danrevphi0004,00,023,59,50142800
18phiLim Samson Chiu Chin Iiiphi0004,00,022,09,75132100
19phiJallorina Alder Baldwinphi1515015153,50,030,511,75131210
20phiPresente Juan Carlosphi1783017833,50,030,012,75133800
21PHIDocena JescaPHI0003,50,026,511,00120000
22phiLimocon Mark Vincentphi0003,50,026,59,50127800
23phiYap Eric Robertphi0003,50,020,08,75120000
24phiLimocon Marvinphi0003,00,026,56,00141410
25phiPolancos Anne Kleinphi0003,00,025,58,50116600
26phiBerongoy Gilbertphi0003,00,025,06,50125300
27phiTomines Christian Jakephi0003,00,024,57,50115000
28PHIAbucejo Francis AlbertPHI0003,00,022,56,50130800
29phiPerez Danielphi0003,00,022,55,50125300
30phiPascua Jr. Anatolyphi1725017253,00,021,57,00123300
31phiSan Diego Jerlyn Maephi0003,00,021,55,00112800
32phiTan Joshuaphi0003,00,021,08,75122500
33phiVillaflor Ralphphi0002,50,022,03,75100700
34phiPetalver Allen Larkphi0002,50,019,02,75114300
35phiAblang Danica Alexisphi0002,00,022,53,7592700
36phiTinaza Earl Micaelphi0002,00,021,52,5092700
37phiGalan Colin Anandphi0002,00,021,52,0040000
38phiGonzales Mark Angelophi0002,00,020,02,50101500
39phiBricia Demarcusphi0001,00,016,01,0040000
40phiLumbera Galin Mak Kyhlephi0000,00,025,50,00000
41phiLumbera Galin Julian Mikheilphi0000,00,022,00,00000

Tie Break1: The results of the players in the same point group#results against
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable

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