Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bomba: Grandmother's Cup


rjsolcruz said...
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rjsolcruz said...

This pocket tournament for Meralco Juniors is in memory of my Nanay Poleng - Paulina Ramos-Sol Cruz. Her birthday is on April 29.

It was my Tatay Ciano who plays chess and it was his narra chess board and a few chess pieces that I grew up with. I used to use that chess board as the road ways for my "match box" toys that my Daddy and Nanay bought for me, and I have lots of them.

Nanay Poleng is Rhal's great grandmother. And I am sure that Nanay and Tatay Ciano and Daddy are happy and proud with Rhal's love for chess.

Happy Birthday Nanay Poleng!

rjsolcruz said...

Nanay Poleng passed away 20 years ago, in May 1992.