Friday, April 27, 2012

R1 Sanguan vs Canonigo

Meralco Juniors vs Phl Paralympics Match


rjsolcruz said...

Prince adopted the Tarrasch Variaton - 3 Nd2.

"The Tarrasch Variation allows White to avoid the pin ... Bb4 and maintains the mobility of the c-pawn for the drawback of temporarily blocking the queen's bishop." - De Firmian in Modern Chess Openings

rjsolcruz said...

Rudy Canonigo preferred 3... c5 to the main line which is 3... Nf6.

"The point to 3... c5 is that White's 3 nd2 puts no pressure on d5, so Black has more freedom in the center." - De Firmian in Modern Chess Openings

rjsolcruz said...

Prince played 4 c3 and this is not mentioned in the Modern Chess Openings. The standard continuation is 4 exd5; World Champion Alekhine vs Bartoszek in Prague 1943, World Champion Tal vs Korchnoi in USSR Ch 1973, World Champion Karpov vs Korchnoi in World Championship 1974, and World Champion Kasparov vs Kharitonov in USSR Ch 1988.