Thursday, April 12, 2012

R5 Sanguan vs Moje

Easter Cup
Meralco, Pasig City
White: Prince Sanguan
Black: Justin Moje


rjsolcruz said...

JD played the Najdorf Variation - 5... a6. This is the most popular variation of the Sicilian and has been a favorite of World Champions.

"The point of 5... a6 is to prepare for queenside play while keeping maximum flexibility. The Black e-pawn may go to e6 or e5, te Q's N to d7 or c6, or Black may develop only his Q for many moves 9the Poisoned Pawn Variation)." - Nick de Firmian in Modern Chess Openings

rjsolcruz said...

Prince responded with 6 Be2 which if I am not mistaken is called the Opocensky Variation. And I have played this move vs NM Dennis Gutierrez, Sr. of Transco several years ago.

World Champion Karpov has played the line vs Polugaevsky in Candidates Match 1974.

World Champion Kasparov has also chosen this line vs Anand in Las Palmas 1996 and vs Gelfand in Linares 1997.

rjsolcruz said...

JD's 6... Nbd7 is a minor line in MCO 15th edition; Smagin vs Ilinic in Yugoslavia 1991 and Geler vs Quinteros in Baden Baden 198.

The main line is 6... e5 by World Champions Kasparov vs Anand in Las Palmas 1996, and Ye vs Ponomariov in Bled Olympiad 2002.