Saturday, October 16, 2010

Abe Belen Memorial Cup


rjsolcruz said...

Adrian Esteva of Rizal Sector, the 2009 Christmas Cup Champion,ruled the Abe Belen Memorial Cup held last October 15 at the Basement Canteen, Lopez Bldg. The round-robin blitz tournament was held in memory of one of the pillars of Meralco chess, Engr. Claver Belen.

Jose Carlo Castro, a Shell National Youth Championship Finalist, showed that age does not matter in the game where the gray matter plays a big part by scoring 9 points and finishing 2nd Place. Veteran Darryl Mata of Alabang Sector finished at 3rd place.

rjsolcruz said...

Though this was not considered a qualifying event for the MVP Meralco Team, Adrian's performance will not be futile. If for any reason, the scheduled 3 remaining qualifying legs to select the last 3 slots for the team will not be completed, then this event will be considered and Adrian will be the one qualifying.

rjsolcruz said...

The officers of the Sacramento Chess Club have agreed to adopt the rules below for blitz events beginning January 1, 2005. These rules are derived from the WBCA blitz rules as revised on December 17, 1999. These rules may be fine-tuned based on our experience in using them.

Overview of the Main Rules

1. Touch move.

2. Illegal move loses.

3. Sufficient mating material required to win on time or by opponent's illegal move.

4. No insufficient losing chances draw claims.

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