Monday, March 12, 2012

Sol Cruz vs NM Cabellon

Meralco Training Simul
Pasig City, PHL

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 d6
The Philidor Defense

3.Bc4 Be7 4.Nc3
Or 4.d3:
Kasparov vs Georgadze in Minsk 1979
Lutz vs Bacrot in Biel 2003 

4... Nf6 5.O-O O-O 6.d4 exd4 7.Nxd4 Nxe4
I was surprised by this bold move and made a long think.

I thought that NM Gerry was wrong; exchanging his K's pawn cover for my center pawn. But I also thought wrong, for Rybka rates my choice in Black's favor. The simple recapture, 6.Nxe4 d5 7.Bd3 dxe4 8.Bxe4, will give me a slight advantage.

8... Rxf7 9.Nxe4 d5 10.Ng3 c5 
A free and mobile center constitutes a terrible attacking weapon, since the threatened advance of the central pawns would drive back the opponent's pieces. Nimzovich in My System

11.Nde2 Nc6 12.c3 Qd6 13.Be3   

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