Friday, March 18, 2011

Sol Cruz vs NM Cabellon

MERALCO Foundation Day
Clocked Simul Match Bd #1
White: Rolly Sol Cruz
Black: NM Gerry Cabellon

Result: 1-0


rjsolcruz said...

This was Round 1 of the clocked simul series which serves as preparation for the MVP Olympics, and we are naming the event as the MERALCO Foundation Day Simul in celebration of MERALCO Day. Incidentally, our chess club was re-born on MERALCO Day 2005 and it was also NM Cabellon who did the simul. So, this is deja vu.

Bd1 Rolly Sol Cruz - Win
Bd2 Darryl Mata - Win
Bd3 Bong Mallari - Loss
Bd4 Ronnie Dellota - Win
Bd5 June de Galicia - Draw
Bd6 Adrian Esteva - Loss
Bd7 Karl Clarito - Loss
Bd8 Abet Casiano - Loss

Thus, it's 3 wins and 1 draw for MERALCO Team vs 4 wins and 1 draw for NM Gerry.

rjsolcruz said...

Analysis by Houdini Chess Engine:

7.c4 (+0.35), though my choice of 7.Bd3 is ranked as the second best move with a rating of (+0.27).

8.O-O is ranked #1 (+0.25).

9.c4 is the best move (+0.27). My choice locked the B behind the pawns; bad bishop syndrome.

10.c4 is still the best at (+0.15).

11.c4 is still the #1 move at (-0.18). After my 11.Ne5, NM Gerry gets a slight advantage with 11... a6 (-0.41).

13.Bc2 equalizes (-0.30). My Nxd7 move is rated at (-0.55).

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