Monday, June 30, 2008


by Irving Chernev

- Begin with 1 e4 or 1 d4, either of which moves releases two pieces.

- Anchor at least one pawn in the center and give it solid support.

- Whenever feasible, bring out your knights before the bishops.

- Of two developing moves, select the more aggressive one.

- Move each piece only once in the opening.

- Move at most two pawns in the early stages of the game. Play with the pieces.

- Develop the pieces with a view to controlling the center, either by occupying it or bearing down on it from a distance, as fianchettoed bishops do.

- Develop the Queen, but close to home to avoid her being harrassed by pawns and minor pieces.

- Do not chase after pawns at the expense of development.

- Secure the safety of the King by early castling, preferably on the kingside.

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