Friday, April 29, 2011

Casiano Sol Cruz Best Game Award

MERALCO, Pasig City
R1 G/45
White: Castro
Black: Gumila

Result: 0-1


rjsolcruz said...

NM Gerardo "Giri" Cabellon, the Tournament Director of the 1st ASKALs Cup, choose this as the Best Game of the tournament.

Gumila of EARIST won a gold medal - the Casiano Sol Cruz Best Game Award.

Casiano is my father and also a MERALCO employee and has a penchant for perfection in whatever he focuses into. Thus, this award which has been given for the first time.

We will celebrate his 5th death anniversary next week and this award is a prelude to the 5th Casiano Sol Cruz Memorial Cup.

May his soul rest in peace with our Lord Jesus.

rjsolcruz said...

According to Houdini, 42.Kd2 is a blunder (-2.45), the only move that will keep White in the game is 42.Rd1 (-0.87).