Monday, November 8, 2010

Modern Chess Openings

This comprehensive opening book is part of the first batch of new books for Meralco Chess Team courtesy of Sir Mon Segismundo of HR Group and Manager of the Meralco Chess Team to the 2010 MVP Olympics where Meralco won the BRONZE.

Amazon Review:
As advertised, this book is for the serious chess player at intermediate level and above. It contains extensive tables for all the main and most commonly played lines in openings played at higher level competition. 

The introductions for each opening are informative and interesting. It is easy (for advanced players) to then follow the tables to learn the main lines and the major variations of the openings. I'm sure that MCO will continue to be a great resource for intermediate and higher level players who need to have a reference book handy to look up an opening that is new to them, or to study a variation.

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rjsolcruz said...

Arvi Simon facilitated the approval and Sir Manny and Kath of Central Library made the purchase.