Sunday, February 15, 2009


There is no better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than by playing chess, where the Queen tries to checkmate the King to win. But there could be no better place to play it than in the New Bilibid Prison, where the love of the game is from sunrise to sunset. Thus, MERALCO Chess Club and Alabang Business Center, with the generous support of several co-employees who unselfishly shared their blessings, embarked on this Valentine's Match at Bilibid.

Bd # MERALCO Score vs BILIBID Score
1 Romy Aguilar, 1.5 vs Loloy, 1.5
2 Rolly Sol Cruz, 2.0 vs Phillip, 1.0
3 Johnson Maclang, 2.5 vs Noel, 0.5
4 Jackie Ynot, 2.5 vs Ronald, 0.5
5 Bong Masa, 3.0 vs Neil, 0

MERALCO, 11.5 vs BILIBID, 3.5

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