Sunday, January 18, 2009


MERALCO Chess Club made its first move for 2009 by holding the CABRIDO MEMORIAL SIMUL in memory of National Master Victor Cabrido, a former MERALCO employee and one of the pillars of MERALCO and RP chess. And according to Bobby Ang in his Business World's Chess Piece, NM Cabrido was one of World Champion Anand's trainer when he was studying here in Manila. Invited chess master was National master Mirabeu Maga, a 2-time Olympian and a MILO Checkmate Instructor. He registered 13 wins and 1 draw (vs Drunken Master Cup Champion Jay Dicen of Security).


ancel franco-fortunado said...

may i know what the late nm cabrido's middle name was? we have a relative by this name whom we have lost contact with for so many years now. if his mother's name is lourdes cabrido, then he is the long-lost relative we have been searching for.

your response to my query would be highly appreciated.


rjsolcruz said...

ms cecile,

sorry for the late reply. i will ask our payroll office who might have the info you are looking for. what province are you from? that might give us a clue.

btw, we did an encore for you uncle vic last oct 18, 2009 by doing a tournament for kids aged 14 and under, also here in MERALCO. It was won by 11 year old Jerad Docena. And the event was sponsored by the MERALCO Management, by Don Manolo Lopez himself.