Friday, December 12, 2008


Junior vs Darryl MATA
Christmas Cup R3
MERALCP, Pasig City

1e4 c5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bb5
This set-up is known as the ROSSOLIMO VARIATIONof the SICILIAN DEFENSE.

MODERN CHESS OPENINGS, "3 Bb5 is White's best theoretical alternative to the open variations. This logical developing move allows white to castle and retains options for various plans."

3 ... a6
Usual moves are 3 ... g6, 3 ... e6, 3 ... Nf6, and 3 ... Qb6.

4 BxN
This was played by former World Champions Kasparov vs Salov in Dortmund 1994 and Smyslov vs Polgar in Monaco 1994.

4 ... dxc6 5 Nc3 Qc7 6 O-O

6 ... e5 7 d3 Be7 8 b3 Bg4 9 Bb2 Bf6 10 h3 BxN 11 QxB Ne7 12 Ne2 O-O-O 13 Ng3 Rde8 14 Nf5 Qd7 15 NxN RxN 16 c4
THE GAME OF CHESS, "In the dispostion of pawns, which forms the skeleton of the position, we must as the game progresses, take care, as far as possible, that no pawn becomes backward, especially if it is in a file open to the opponent, for backward pawn in an open file constitues a grave positional weakness."

16 ... Qe6 17 Rad1 Rd7 18 Bc3 h6 19 Ba5 Re8 20 bb6 Qd6 21 a3 Bd8 22 Ba7???
THE COMPLETE CHESS PLAYER, "Beginners are all too fond of one-piece attacks. Merely to make a threatening gestures, or to advance in a sporadic or thoughtless sally, is not to attack."

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rjsolcruz said...

Darryl Mata emerged as the 1st Christmas Cup Champion of MERALCO. He reached the finals vs NM Cabellon that made him an automatic co-Champion. But in the ensuing Finals Game, Darryl actually managed a draw and rightfully earned his title.