Sunday, August 17, 2008


Reviewed by Chessmaster Jude Acers.

LOGICAL CHESS MOVE-BY-MOVE (every move explained)

By Irving Chernev. Reprinted July 1999. English edition/ typesetting and incredible 344 diagrams,"abc" labeled, algebraic figurine notation 2 or 4 position diagrams per page, 254 pages of chess dynamite for every chess student....

Introduction (May 1, 1957 by Chernev with terrific notation explanation section. 33 games which are subdivided THE KINGSIDE ATTACK (16 games), THE QUEEN'S PAWN OPENING (7 games) and to polish the student...THE CHESSMASTER EXPLAINS HIS IDEAS. All of this for $13.56. Heaven has arrived.

For the student "The greatest chess book of all time" can be read on a train, bus or the pool. Strong players can read it "blindfolded" as illustrative diagrams are can be read and re-read with joy and profit...It is the "Secretariat" of all chess books since it acts as a refresher course for the long time chessplayer and electrifying instruction for the absolute beginner. Chernev supplies the energy and brilliance of miniature chess masterpieces that remind us why we play the royal game in the first place.

First, the reader is entertained (more like transfixed!) and appointments go out the window. You forget where you are. Into the chess world you go.(Doomed!) The opening, the middlegame, the endgame are treated with rules, principles that work most of the time. The book is still the all time classic, placing Mr. Chernev in the chess hall of fame for keeps.

Every single move has a marvelous direct comment for the student on why it was played. Nothing is left to chance. It took the author ten years to pick the games, two years to write the deceptively simple "how to" notes....testing it on his neighbors. You learn with hurricane force since this latest edition has the modern "easy as abc" chess move notation designed to keep one flying through the pages.

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rjsolcruz said...

This book, Mastering the Chess Openings, was lent by TRANSCO Chess Club President and UST alumni Mr. Monching de Robles on this 7th MERALDCo-TRANSCO Match.